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You have reached your "golden years." Or your parents have reached theirs. You are not alone. Every stage of life presents unique situations we may feel unprepared to handle. When we, or our parents or other loved ones get older, we face specific issues. We have created this guide to help you or your support system approach challenges armed with information, not riddled with fear.

At no other time in your life has it been more important to plan ahead and to know your options and rights. You may not be aware of the many laws, benefits, and special services available to help you stay in charge of your life, but this guide will help you. "Law for Seniors" touches on some of these issues and provides contact information for many resources. Please remember that this guide will only give you general information. Laws, policies, and procedures frequently change. If you have a specific legal problem, you may want to consult an attorney.

Making Ends Meet. You may be tapping into retirement benefits for the first time. You may be house-rich but cash-poor. Or you may be struggling just to get enough to eat. How you make ends meet will depend on your particular circumstances and likely involve new sources of income - Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, a pension, or maybe a reverse mortgage.

Elder Abuse

Elder AbuseAs many as one in seven seniors nationwide experiences elder abuse - usually at the hands of a family member. In some cases, the senior winds up penniless. In others, the senior loses his or her home. And statistics suggest that abused seniors are three times more likely to die within the next decade than other seniors of the same age. Still, most elder abuse goes unreported. Your caregiver may be stealing from you, beating you or simply leaving you stranded in your own bed. You may be afraid of what will happen if you tell someone. But help is available. Turn your situation around before it gets worse.