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Question: I am a Registered Nurse and have worked continuously as a RN in the Phoenix area for 37 years. This year a requirement for proof of citizenship is required. I have my Certified birth Certificate but it is not acceptable by the State Board of Nursing because my first and middle names are reversed from what the Arizona State Board of Nursing have on file. The only documentation I received to verify the change was my social security card. I am a Medicare Benificiary and I receive Social Security Benefits. I have been researching the accepted lists for proof of citizenship and find that Arizona states if you have been accepted into the Medicare program no other proof of citizenship is required. I have been a Medicare Benificiary since I was 65, a total of 6 years. However, the Arizona State Board of Nursing lists do not include enrollment in Medicare as proof of Citizenship. What can I do to prove I am a United States Citizen?


Besides a birth certificate some other forms of proof of citizenship are a certificate of citizenship or a passport.

If you do not currently have a passport you can get one by going onto the U.S. Department of State's website and filling out an application.

For more information on a certificate of citizenship you may visit the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

You may also wish to have your birth certificate reissued with your current name on it.  To have your birth certificate reissued visit the Office of Vital Records Deptarment.

You may want to call the RN board and find out if there is another form of proof of citizenship that they will accept.

June 25, 2008