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Question: Can I request "in-home" assistance thru AHCCCS? We are in need of assistance for someone with mild Alheimer's as reminders for taking medicine and for personal health & safety a few hours a day. Is this possible thru AHCCCS?

Answer: Yes, AHCCCS provides a number of services for the elderly and disabled under Home and Community Based Services. Assistance as you have described may be provided through the Attendant Care services which include general assistance with homemaking, personal care, general supervision and companionship. The specific needs that you mention are listed as attendant care services in the AHCCCS Medical Policy Manual. In addition, for caregivers who need a break, AHCCCS also provides respite care which is short-term or intermittent care and supervision to provide rest and relief for the family members or other person caring for an elderly or disabled individual. Visit AHCCCS Online for contact numbers or more information.

November 27, 2006