Consumer Scams

Consumer Scams (2)

It’s February, and romance is in the air. Couples are making plans on how they are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day, friends are planning Gal-entine’s Day gatherings and con-artists are planning there next scheme . That’s right, February is the month for romance scams. Con-artist’s look for lonely targets, befriend them and then jilt them out their cash often disappearing without a trace once they have received the money. To learn more about this type of scam and how to protect yourself read our article. To learn more about this type of scam and how to protect yourself read our article., "Romance Scams".

Phoenix is a little safer today after the Phoenix Police Department shut down a telemarketing ring that targeted seniors. Over 9,000 victims, seniors aged 60 through 90, were scammed out of over $40 million dollars from the company WyzeMoney. WyzeMoney, which used several names and locations in its operation, would entice victims by telling them they had the opportunity to invest in the telemarketing company which could offer them thousands of dollars on return for their investment and even offered a 100% money back guarantee to entice seniors to hand over their hard earned money. "The suspects involved have been arrested and charged with several felonies, including conspiracy to commit fraudulent schemes, money laundering, theft from a vulnerable Adult, illegal control of an enterprise and unlawful telephone solicitation." To make sure you stay protected read, "Be Alert for Holiday Scams".

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