You the Jury

Have you ever wanted to be a judge or a lawyer? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try a real case? Doing Law lets you experience what it is like to take on an actual legal role by presenting you with real fact based scenarios developed by attorney and retired law professor Kenneth Hegland. Now you and your friends can see what it’s like in the law.

Experience the Law

  • To begin gather a group of friends together and choose a facilitator to be in charge of the video and the discussion.
  • Participants then select their legal roles. They can choose from being a decision maker such as a judge, juror or a Supreme Court Justice or a lawyer arguing for a particular side of the case.
  • Then choose one of the following scenarios from the Doing Law website: The Sentencing of Bill Thomas, Date Rape, Drunk Driving, Teen Parenthood, What to Do About Drugs?, Domestic Violence, Sitting on the Supreme Court.
  • To watch the scenario click on the picture.
  • If you would like to have a more realistic role play, excuse your decision makers until you are ready for the discussion portion of the activity.

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