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Assistance with Legal Document Preparation

Need Assistance Preparing Legal Documents?

Individuals may complete legal documents on their own behalf. Attorneys in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona can assist you with court forms as well as provide you with important legal advice about your legal situation.

Additionally, Arizona certified legal documents preparers (“AZCLDPs”) who have been certified by the Arizona Supreme Court are authorized to help you complete court forms. However, AZCLDPs cannot give legal advice, recommend case strategies or legal remedies, engage in settlement negotiations, or represent you in Court.

The Board of Legal Document Preparers, appointed by the Arizona Supreme Court, certifies legal document preparers. AZCLDPs are certified individuals and/or businesses who prepare legal documents without the supervision of an attorney. AZCLDPs may provide general legal information but MAY NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE.

A Certified Legal Document Preparer CAN:

  • Prepare or provide legal documents without an attorney's supervision.
  • File and arrange for service of legal documents.

A Certified Legal Document Preparer CANNOT:

  • Give you legal advice, opinions, or recommendations.
  • Have protected or privileged communications with you.
  • Help you if you are already represented by an attorney.

A Certified Legal Document Preparer MUST:

  • Give you a written itemization of all rates and charges if you ask for one.
  • Provide completed documents to you in a timely manner.
  • Disclose to you any relationships which may give the appearance of impropriety.
  • Refrain from knowingly making misleading, deceptive, untrue, or fraudulent statements.
  • Follow Code of Conduct of ACJA §7-208 and are subject to disciplinary action if found in violation.

A directory of certified individuals and businesses is available on the Legal Document Preparer Program website. To confirm certification status, you can also contact the Program by calling (602) 452-3108.

NOTE: The Program cannot refer you to a specific AZCLDP for services. A complaint form is available on the website.



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