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Things You Should Know Before Turning 65

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Chief Justice Scott Bales

Growing older presents new opportunities as well as changes in health, lifestyle, family connections, and more.  Whether you are experiencing these changes or you are caring for aging relatives, you are not alone.  We prepared this site as a resource for people navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with aging or caregiving.

This site will help you plan ahead, know your options, and be aware of your rights. There are many laws, benefits, and special services available to help you stay in command of your daily living. Law for Seniors touches on some of the topics you may face and offers contact information for agencies and organizations that may be of assistance to you.  This guide presents only general information.  Laws, policies, and procedures frequently change.  If you have a specific legal problem, you may want to consult an attorney.
-Chief Justice Scott Bales

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